Growing Your Business with Hair Extensions

   A hair or salon business requires various moving parts that ultimately complete the industry. At the end of the day, it’s valuable to offer many—if not all—of the available services on the stylist market today to sustain a profitable business. There is no one-size-fits-all for hair salons; each one is different, and each varies in what particular services they provide. However, in addition to the fundamental skills you may have learned in cosmetology school, including cutting, coloring, and styling, there are plenty of additional hair-styling possibilities that are guaranteed to boost revenue. One of the most prevalent hair services in today’s industry is extensions. If you’re not already offering hair extensions as a stylist, you could very well be forfeiting clients, resulting in less business. The opportunity that hair extensions provide for any salon is monumental, especially in terms of business development. But how exactly can hair extensions help grow your business?

How Extensions Can Grow Your Business

Hair extensions are a simple incorporation for your hair business that can make a substantial difference in clientele, revenue, and even ratings. As they provide immediate length and volume alongside new styling opportunities, extensions are an essential service that can lead to plenty of business growth—especially as you stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

Servicing hair extensions in your salon is a great business strategy in several ways.

Servicing hair extensions in your salon is a great business strategy in several ways. As a stylist, it’s of the utmost importance to help your clients achieve their hair goals by giving them exactly what they ask for. Often, that isn’t as easy as it may seem. Some clients are hoping for a huge change that may not be possible in one appointment or may not be possible for their hair type at all. However, extensions can leave you with a broader range of options to choose from and can be the perfect substitute for meeting your clients’ expectations.

In addition, hair extensions also help you by saving you time; rather than working only with your client’s natural hair, you can have the option to provide more hair that is easy to install to achieve the look that they’re hoping for. 

Your business can benefit not only from your effective employment of hair extensions but also by your mere willingness to provide your clients with the solution that extensions offer—whatever that solution may be.

What Can Hair Extensions Do for Your Clients?

   Hair extensions can give a remarkable boost of self-esteem for a wide spectrum of clients. Most often, people will opt for extensions as a way to lengthen their hair. Short, blunt bobs were one of the most sought-after haircuts in 2019, following after a plethora of celebrities’ decisions to chop their long locks. While short hair is still widely-popular and a super cute style, hair extensions have recently begun to boom as long, thick hair is coming back in. Since the bob’s return, many clients are hoping to grow their hair out amidst the long-hair comeback, but lack the patience to do it. That’s where you come in by offering extensions.

   While that seems like their only purpose, people will also seek out extensions for thinning hair, damaged hair, and even poor coloring. There are plenty of clients who merely need extensions for fine hair that leaves them with little volume. The diversity of clientele who are on the hunt for hair extensions is broader than you might imagine. Many don’t even realize that they want or need them at all. Extensions can be beneficial for nearly any client that walks into your salon and will leave each one with a big smile on their face. Providing quality extensions can easily lead to an increase in new, curious clients, and can also work to promote your business by word-of-mouth and referrals.

Using Hand-Tied Extensions to Help Grow Your Business

   There are a variety of hair extension options to choose from, and the list is always lengthening. Because one extension may work better for a client than another, understanding the differences between each and knowing how to install all types of hair extensions will enable you to continue providing exactly what clients are after.

   Hair trends are constantly changing, and extension types are no exception. Throughout the past few years, things have come a long way, particularly in the recent flood of extensions that have expanded the industry. While clip-ins used to be one of the most popular options, today’s trends are vastly different. It is crucial for a stylist to recognize the most desired styles and ensure that they are offering them in their salon in order to build dependability as a business. 

   Some of the most popular extensions in the hair industry now are hand-tied extensions—and for a good reason. If you offer extensions in your salon, hand-tied weft extensions are some of the most essential. Hand-tied wefts are a viable option for many clients because they provide volume and length while avoiding any damage. Hand-tied extensions allow clients the ability to maintain the same lifestyle; they are well-hidden when hair is tied up and easy to maintain.

   Offering hand-tied extensions in your salon can help bring in plenty of business as many clients are currently on the hunt for this popular style. Although they were introduced into the hair industry a few years ago, they have gained momentum most recently. Many brands have marketed their hand-tied extensions on social media, leaving many clients wanting the particular type that they see hashtagged on Instagram most often. Not to mention, the benefits of hand-tied wefts will result in your clients—and most likely their referrals—coming back to you for more.

Final Thoughts

   As a hair business, hair extensions are a vital opportunity for company growth. Maintaining customer satisfaction by leaving them with the hair of their dreams is one of the most crucial parts of a stylist’s job, and providing clients with the option of extensions can be a saving grace. By leading to the solution that clients are after, saving yourself plenty of time, and most importantly appealing to more potential clients, offering hair extensions is guaranteed to help your business grow.